Edie Beaucage

American & Canadian, Lives and works in Los Angeles

Graduate MFA Otis College of Art 2010         


2021 Royal College Of Art RCA, Contemporary Art Summer  Program, London

2021 Berlin Art Institute BAI, International Residency, Berlin

2020 SVA NYC: The Artists Residency Project.

Art Collective  

I Found U A global group of interdisciplinary artists committed to discourse and collaboration.



2023  All Over The Time, Luis De Jesus LA

2022  Charcoal Video, Fox Hollywood, Orange Barrel Media Public Project

2021  Edie's Enjambement, Office Space, Salt Lake City

2019  Public Project, Harbor Park Garage, Baltimore

2016  Sequencer-Spectrum-Reverb, Luis De Jesus Gallery, LA

2016  Skipper, Volta Art Fair, Luis De Jesus Gallery, New York

2015  Chill Bivouac Rhymes, CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles

2012  Bidibidiba, CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles

2011  .Hurluberlu, CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles

2010  Creative Artists Agency, CAA curator Thao Nguyen, LA

2010  Image Repertoire, Bolsky, Otis College, LA 


2023   Satellite Art Fair, Miami Basel, Miami

2023    Sloom, Studio 9D, Chelsea, New York

2023    La Tormenta, IFoundU, Museo Maseo,Villa Soriano, Uruguay

2023    Project '22-studioFIve, IFoundU, Graduate School, Melbourne University

2023    Blink, Chicago Grand Central, Public Project Video

2023    Yonder Crush, Satchel Projects, Pop Up, New York

2022    Zeitsensitiv, I Found U, Barac Mannheim, Germany

2022    I Found U Collective By The River, Peoria Art Guild, IL.

2021    Satellite Art Fair, Miami Basel, Miami

2021    Lo Cierto, I Found U, Museo A. Berro, Uruguay

2021     I Found U at King's College, Cambridge, UK

2021    Terrain Biennial, KIT, Keep In Touch, Chicago

2021    Terrain Biennial, KIT, Keep In Touch, Dolores, Uruguay

2021    Terrain Biennial, KIT, Host to California Dreamin', LA

2021    A Throw Of The Dice Will Never Abolish Chance, Flat Iron Project, NY

2020    TSA_PDF Exhibition, Tiger Strikes Asteroid & SVA, NY

2019    I'Ve Got A Good Mind To Give Up And Go Shopping, Luis De Jesus, LA

2017   Fast Polychromatic Liquid Modulator, Art Toronto Fair

2016   Vertigo Power Water, Akomfrah,Beaucage,Ferrari,by Camilla Boemio

2015   Untitled Art Fair, Luis De Jesus Gallery, Miami

2015   Los Angeles Airports,Art Program "On the Cusp” curator John D. O'Brien

2015   Off The Wall; Pasadena Armory Center

2015   Art is Hope, Piasa, curated by R.J. Praz, Paris, (catalog) 

2014   Encore, CB1 Gallery

2014   LA Heat, Chinese American Museum, curator Steven Wong, LA (catalog)

2014   Love is in the Air, 2A Gallery, curator Calvin Phelps, LA

2014   Art is Hope, Piasa, curator R.J. Praz, Paris, (catalog 1) 

2014   FreshStart McCall Foundation                                                

2013   Art Fair: Miami Projects CB1 Gallery, Miami

2013   Off The Wall, Pasadena Armory Center for the Arts, LA

2013   Some Fine Women, Vast Space Project, Nevada (catalog)

2013   Fanatic Kamikaze, Post Gallery curator L. Simonson, LA

2013   Verhond’s International, Appels Gallery, Amsterdam

2012   Miami Projects, CB1 Gallery, Miami Basel Fair

2012   Split Reality, Woodbury Uni., curator K. Phillips, LA

2012   Ambassador Artists, Appels Gallery, Amsterdam

2011   CB1+ Colburn: The Colburn School, Los Angeles

2010   The Art That Dare Not Speak Its Name, CB1 Gallery, LA

2010   All Together Now, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Otis, LA

2007   Mid Residency MFA, Bolsky, Otis College, LA

Publication and Videos

2024    January Parkos Arnall Director PP Lucas Museum, commenting on All Over The Time

2021    Neon Fruit Chaoji Shichang, Collaborative Book, Office Space, SLC

Press, TV/Radio, and Interviews

2024   "Good Trouble" Final, on Hulu & Freeform, Season 5, Episode 20  3/2024

2023   Meet Edie Beaucage, Bold Journey Magazine, 8/2023

2023   Meet Edie Beaucage, Canvas Rebel, 8/2023

2023   Must See, Artforum, Art Guide, March 24, 2023

2023   Must See, Galleries Now, Instagram and site banner, March-April 2023

2023   Alex Garner, Publisher's Eye, Artillery Magazine Gallery Round, March 16

2023   S.N.Dambrot Interview, LAWeekly, Meet Character Invention Painter

2022   Voyage LA Interview, November 2022

2022   ArtistcloseUp Interview, June 2022

2021   SVA Continued Education Newsletter, Residency Alumni Exhibition, p. 8

2021   Royal College Of Art, RCA Short Courses Newsletter, Art Summer.

2021   Emerging Artist Collective, Interview: Edie Beaucage, May 2021

2021   Works available on Artfare where you can follow E. Beaucage

2021   Shout Out LA Meet Edie Beaucage Painter and Video Artist, February        

2019   Works available now on Artsy where you may follow E.Beaucage

2019   Public Project, Harbor Park Garage, Baltimore, April 2019

2019   Conde Nast UK House & Garden November 2019 "Hanz Electro Technic"

2019   Voyage LA Interview of Edie Beaucage, March 2019

2018   Frances Anderton DNA KCRW Interview; Otis College Celebrates 100

2016   Carolina A.Miranda, Date Book, LA Times, Sequencer-Spectrum-Reverb

2016  Artillery Magazine Vote Saturday Night, Sequencer-Spectrum-Reverb

2016  Annie Seaton, Art, And Cake, Beaucage is Vibrating off the Walls at LDJ

2016   Camila Bohemio, WaterWorld, Waterwheel,

2016   Volta New York, Skipper, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles,p.61, Volta Art Fair

2016   POVarts Lookbook, Volta Art Fair

2016   Michele Witchipoo, Witchesbrewpress, Volta Art Fair

2016   Los Angeles Review of Books, Featured Artist, March

2015   S. Mizota, LA Times, Feeling the pull of Beaucage’s Vibrant Hallucination

2015   J. Seed, Huffington Post, Beaucage: Chill Bivouac Rhymes’ at CB1

2015   J.D.O’Brien, Artillery Magazine, Beaucage CB1 gallery (digital and print)

2015   Joanne Mattera Art Blog, Fair Fetched: Some Paintings, Miami Fairs

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2015   Beautiful Decay Magazine Featured by Made with Colors

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2014   Art is Hope Catalog p.38 Piasa, Paris 2014

2013   Shana Nys Dambrot, Whitehot Magazine Beaucage @ CB1Gallery

2013   Shana Nys Dambrot, Some Fine Women Catalog Essay,

2013   Video Vast Space Projects, Some Fine Women, E. Minh Swenson.

2012   Art Slant Split Realities, Nan Ray Gallery, Woodbury Univerity

2012   Must-See show New American Painting Bidibidiba.

2012   Bill Bush Huffington Post This week in LA: Bidibidiba.

2012   Downtown Art KCET checklist: Bidibidiba.

2012   TOAN Magazine, Bidibidiba.

2012   Kyle Fitzpatrick LA I AM YOURS Bidibidiba.

2011   John Seed Huffington Post .hurluberlu Interview.

2011   Shana Nys Dambrot, LA Weekly "Beaucoup de Beaucage" .hurluberlu

2011   LA Downtown News Video, .hurluberlu Edith Beaucage at CB1 Gallery

2010   Sharon Mizota, LA Times: "The art that dare not speak its name", CB1


2014, 2016 & 2023  Wildwood School, Painting Workshops, Los Angeles

2010-2013  Educational Associate, Foundation Department: Color Theory, Otis LA

2011  Visiting Alum to MFA Graduate Studio, Otis College, Los Angeles

2010  T. A. to Art Critic Christopher Knight visiting lecturer, Otis LA

2009-10  T.A. to Cletus Schommer, Art History, Graduate Program, Otis LA

Selected Private Collections

Anonymous-Apple, SanFrancisco

Arrowsmith-Reiss, Los Angeles

CAA Creative Artist Agency, Talent Agency, Los Angeles

Chhung-Amash, Los Angeles

City National, Los Angeles

Dong Dong and Lulu, Beijing

Calista Flockhart & Harrison Ford, Los Angeles

Jackson, New York

Kaplan, Los Angeles

King's College Loan Collection, Cambridge UK

Lopez, Los Angeles

Lord-Patton, Montreal

Matte, Montreal

Neiman Marcus, Los Angeles

Preiser, London

Sacani, Los Angeles

Sacks, Los Angeles

Whitesell, Los Angeles


2010 MFA, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles

1992-1993 Trained in anatomical and live drawing techniques at Palazzo Spinelli Istituto Per L'Arte e ilRestauro, Florence, Italy         

B.A. Bishop’s University, Quebec, Canada

Trained in Gestural Painting Technique at L'Atelier Du Frere Jerome, Montreal, Canada

Past Gallery Representation

2015 to 2023  Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

2021 to 2023  Office Space SLC (Gallery closed)

2010 to 2015  CB1 Gallery  (Gallery closed)