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ArtForum Must See, ArtForum Art Guide, March 2023

GalleriesNow, International Banner, March-April 2023

Featured Artist on Gallery now website with George Condo at Hauser And Wirth West Hollywood. Maggi Hambling at Galeria Malborough Madrid. Zanele Muholi at Maison Europeenne de la Photographie, Paris. Angela Heisch at Pipy Houldsworth Gallery, London. Michel Francois at Alfonso Artiaco, Naples. Katharina Grosse at Gallerie Max Hetzler, Berlin. Andrea schulze at The Perimeter London, Maia Ruth Lee at tina Kim Gallery New York.

Meet Edie Beaucage, Bold Journey Magazine, August 2023

An interview on self-confidence and creativity. "In the art world today, everything goes. There are not one or three qualities that will be helpful, but really, you need to be yourself, whatever that means, severe and taciturn, calm and sunny, or reserved and nerdy. But be spectacularly you, super nerd, super casual, or super kind for the best chance. For some surprising reason, the “Enfant Terrible Artist” is still quite popular in creating famous personas; sometimes, I tell myself, “I am not enough of a badass brute to be taken seriously by the big timers” Watch out; I might change myself in that department and consider a mustache."

Meet Edie Beaucage, Canvas Rebel, August 2023

"I just spent weeks in NY seeing fairs and galleries and learned so much about the art market there. It is incredibly different than Los Angeles and hyperactive in comparison. LA is a hub for laid-back creativity, a perfect place to think, enjoy the weather, and go to my studio and work. Suppose LA is a plump fresh heirloom tomato. In that case, New York is tomato paste concentrate, and the business part takes precedence over the carefree way of creating I have developed over time in Los Angeles. While I was in New York, I had to adjust and drop my carefree “surf” talking very fast after I realized it is all business in New York all the time. There is a lot at stake there, indeed."

GalleriesNow, Instagram, March 2023

Beaucage presents new paintings and sculptures with larger-than-life portraits engaging art history and the everyday while reimagining her Québécois family in autofictive explorations

Until Saturday 22 April

Carla Magazine, Instagram, March 2023

Los Angeles-based print + online magazine, featuring critical and approachable art reviews, interviews, essays, and podcast

“Rendered with big, bold brushstrokes, Beaucage’s characters ooze effortless and effervescent cool. Her paintings plumb the past and present to convey whispers of truth, declarations of sincerity, and the invented authenticity of reimagined biographies.” @luisdejesus

“All Over The Time” by @ediebeaucage continues at Luis de Jesus in #DTLA through April 22.⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

#Magazine #Podcast #Online⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Alex Garner, Artillery Magazine, Publisher's Eye, March, 2023

"Walking through Edie Beaucage's show of sculptures and larger-than-life portraits is like wading through clouds of brushstrokes made of vivid greens, blues, and pops of orange, the subjects of the paintings staring coolly at you."

We’d like to introduce and welcome Artillery’s new publisher, Alex Garner. Alex is a recent LA transplant from New York City, where she worked at Artforum and the MoMA. She will assume the role with an eye on LA’s contemporary art world, and right away has responded to our vibrant gallery scene with her new weekly newsletter column: Publisher’s Eye. Stay tuned every week to see what catches her fancy in LA.

Shana Nys Dambrot, LA Weekly, Meet An Artist Monday, March 2023

Painter Edie Beaucage is all about invention—in her style of abstract portraiture, in her “Californicois” identity as a Quebecoise in sunny SoCal, in her curiosity about the characters she meets and the personalities she imagines, in her intellectual love of art history and her open-hearted embrace of life’s endless possibilities. Her combination of bright, rich hues and muscular layering of brushwork creates flickering surfaces full of texture, light, and shadow; which at the same time are stylized as flattened in a quirky, folkloric way that eschews realism but explores individuality in the subjects. Both autobiographical and fictive, if the paintings seem like characters in a story, it’s because they are. Beaucage’s most recent exhibition of large-scale portraits in this mode opens this weekend at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, exploring the curious process of discovery that drives her life and inspires her studio practice.

I Am Over The Time, Collaborative Dance Performance Video April 2023

Edie Beaucage presents a dance performance in conjunction with her current solo exhibition “All Over the Time” at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles. Collaborating with dancer-choreographer Madi Tanguay and dancer Montay Romero for a video production directed by Marlo Irani and music by Ethn, this multidisciplinary production is set in motion on Saturday, April 8 between 10am to 3pm. Drawing from European dance and social movement forms, the dancers will engage Beaucage's paintings and floor sculptures while gallery visitors move through the space. “I Am Over The Time” is an improvisational romance with paint, human connection, and autofiction overlaid with tracks from the 80s, electronic beats and a teenage voice inviting us into her dreams and desires. Charged with the power of imaginative filmmaking, I Am Over The Time will become a multifaceted visual feast. The video will be released in the summer of 2023.

All Over The Time, February 2023

Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is very pleased to announce Edie Beaucage: All Over the Time, an exhibition of new paintings and sculptures, on view in Gallery 1 from March 11 – April 22, 2023. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, March 11 from 4 to 7 pm.

Interview in Voyage LA, November 2022

"I think what makes my paintings unique is my hand and directed improvisation. It is handmade from scratch with my imagination. I use childhood memories and include myself in my images. I create autofiction, and I play with historical art tropes. It is specialized because it takes a lot of experience and practice to do large portraits like the ones I am currently making. It is made without any tools or tracing ahead of time. I make more miniature paintings and use the sketch to paint the larger version. I finally figured out how to stop overthinking this whole process. I am making and repeating, and it is enjoyable! Pleasure is essential for making art, and I infuse positive energy into my work with colors."

Interview in Artistcloseup, June 2022

Born from a passion for art, Artistcloseup was founded in August 2020 by a small group of artists who wanted to share what they love with the world. Since then, we have become a household name in the international art scene.

"We believe that the story behind the artist is equally important as the artwork itself."

Featured in SVA NY Continued, Residency Exhibition, December 2021

An oversize magazine on Philosophy and Object-Oriented Ontology as well as two videos on my reflections on Global Warming were presented in a group exhibition last summer in NY. "Participants in the Residency Alumni Network had the special opportunity this past June to exhibit their work on campus in the Flatiron Project Space at133 West 21st Street. The exhibition consisted of works by alumni from all of SVACE’s Artist Residency programs, across disciplines from the program’s 40-plus- year history." William Petterson

Featured in Royal College of Art Newsletter for the Summer Program, October 2021

I participated in the online summer program at RCA for Contemporary Art. I always work with the intention of innovating my practice and this 1-month program was terrific. The RCA summer program was a game-changer for me. I understood how and why I can add myself within my practice in a way that turned my thinking around, from studying painting to interacting in my paintings.

A Throw Of The Dice Will Never Abolish Chance, June 2021

Group exhibition at Flat Iron Projects Space, New York

“a throw of the dice will never abolish chance” is an exhibition of work created within the last year by a multidisciplinary group of artists based in Austria, Mexico, the United States and Uruguay. The artists are alumni of The Artist Residency Project at SVA, the college’s first online residency program. The group has been meeting weekly for discussion, critique and mutual support as a part of the Residency Alumni Network, the online network designed to connect alumni from across all of the college’s Summer Residency Programs.

Interview on Emerging Artists Collective, May 2021

An interview with The Emerging Artist Collective about my influences, process, and thinking about Relational Painting." I studied gestural painting at thirteen years old in Montreal with a Jesuit teacher that looked like a cross between a Jedi and a Kung Fu Master. He had a very long white beard and very long fingernails; his name was Frere Jerome. He taught me the power of a painted line through the lens of the Ab-ex movement. He would point with his long fingers at my brushstrokes, and he would say, "that is very nice; there is strength and sensitivity here," and that was the lesson for the day."

EBook available on Blurb, May 2021

Neon Fruit Chaoji Shichang. This is a collaborative artists book featuring Edie Beaucage, Chunbum Park, and Albert Abdul-Barr Wang. The main themes are the semiotics of Chinatown and the fascinating hybridity of Asian and European cultures as well as the concept of fetishization.

New Book Publication, Hard Cover, May 2021

Neon Fruit Chaoji Shichang. This is a collaborative artists book featuring Edie Beaucage, Chunbum Park, and Albert Abdul-Barr Wang. The main themes are the semiotics of Chinatown and the fascinating hybridity of Asian and European cultures as well as the concept of fetishization.

ArtFare Featured Artist, March 2021

Feature on Arfare: Atticus Night Riding

Shout Out LA, February 2021

Meet Edie Beaucage Painter and Video Artist: Conversation about Casualism in figurative painting, the notion of pleasure in critical discourse, and Edie's LA Art Gallery tour.

New Gallery Representation at Office Space SLC, January 2021

We are proud to announce the representation of Edie Beaucage at @ediebeaucage. Her work is profound and spontaneous encompassing our multifaceted lives with humanism. Also, there are overtones of Minoan art and ancient art motifs with a few nods to Matisse. We will be focusing on her experimental work such as video, drawings, and installation pieces. Also, she is represented by Luis De Jesus Los Angeles.

Artists Residency Project at School Of Visual Arts & Tiger Strikes Asteroid NY TSA_PDF Exhibition August 2020

Tiger Strikes Asteroid and the School of the Visual Arts NY are pleased to present a special edition of @tsa_pdf featuring the work of participants from The Artist Residency Project at SVA NY (@svaresidencies).

TSA_PDF is a series of printable exhibitions curated by Tiger Strikes Asteroid. People are invited to download and print these works on their home printers and share their install shots, which we will share on social media and our website. Send your install shots to!

This global group of artists works across various media and approaches, making this collection an exciting sampling of the international art scene. The Artist Residency Project is a fully online residency program that had its first iteration in the summer of 2020. It is designed for fine artists working across discipline, medium and platform. Through online platforms, it aims to deliver a robust, global residency experience. Working with SVA’s distinguished faculty, participants develop their practice without the limitations of location or the necessity for travel. The goal of The Artist Residency Project is to create an inclusive online space where artists can thrive, nurture their practice and build an active, engaged community.


Featuring work by:

Leman Akpinar @lemanakpnr

Edie Beaucage @ediebeaucage

Marisa Bernotti @marisabernotti

Heather Brammeier @hjmbrammeier

Nina Gospodin @ninagospodin

​Noelle Hjelte @noellehjelte_art

James Jaxxa @jamesjaxxa

Elena Kalkova @elena_kalkova

Janet Lee

Anne Macmillan @thingsthat.annie

Nigel Meager @nigel.meager

Esmeralda Momferratou @esmeraldamomf

Julie Puma @jgpuma1966

​Dua Rabay @duarabay

Thomas Ribas

Felipe Shibuya @felipeshibuya

Clark Valentine @clark_valentine_fine_art

Patrick Vogel @patrickonearth

Albert Abdul-Barr Wang @albertabdulbarrwang

Marika Whitaker @marikawhitakerstudio

SVA NYC: The Artist Residency Project, Summer 2020

Edie Beaucage is participating in the new SVA: The Artist Residency Project for the month of July 2020.

This new, fully online residency program has been designed for fine artists working across discipline, medium and platform. While the ability to travel and gather in person remains an uncertainty for many, the Artist Residency Project aims to deliver a robust residency experience to participants all over the world directly through online platforms. Working with SVA’s distinguished faculty, participants will be encouraged to develop their practice without regard to limitations of location or the necessity for travel. The goal of the program is to create an inclusive online space where artists can thrive, nurture their practice and build an active, engaged community across borders.

Faculty will conduct remote studio visits and discuss each participant's work on an individual basis, as well as facilitate group critiques and reading groups. Alongside these visits, daily activities and ways to connect will keep participants engaged with their community of artists, and a cohort of professional mentors spanning the fields of art, design and contemporary practice. Special lectures by guest artists, critics and gallery directors will provide further insight into the realities of the working artist in the present moment.

Large Format Public Art Project, Harbor Park Garage, Baltimore, April 2019

Downtown Baltimore got a surprise this April, with the reveal of a large format work of art affixed to the side of Harbor Park Garage, a parking garage located at 55 Market Place. The artwork, which is visible from the Jones Falls Expressway, is a custom piece by artist Edie Beaucage.

The piece is a 70-foot tall vinyl banner based on a series of paintings created and digitized by Beaucage. The banner is indicative of Beaucage’s signature style. It is vibrant, with broad, visible brushstrokes conveying action and energy, and light, bright colors...

Artsy Edie Beaucage, October 2019

Works available now on Artsy where you may follow Edie Beaucage Exhibitions

"Artsy is powered by The Art Genome Project — "an ongoing study of the characteristics that distinguish and connect works of art."A collaboration between art historians and engineers, The Art Genome Project draws upon art-historical scholarship and artificial intelligence to assign values to artwork based on over 1211 characteristics or "genes." These genes ranges from color to "Content: Private of Personal Space" to period to "Technique: Documentary Photography" to "Group Portrait." The Art Genome Project aims to help users uncover works of art based on personal taste and preference to facilitate education and discovery of art. Matthew Israel serves as the Director of The Art Genome Project and Artsy's Lead Curator."

Conde Nast UK House & Garden November 2019

"Hanz Electro Technic" Digital and "Sweetish Tales" in Print House and Garden UK

Voyage LA Interview Edie Beaucage, March 2019

In this interview, Edie talks about her personal history, what she is looking for in her work and what she thinks the future of our artists community in Los Angels could look like in the future.

Edie: "LA is THE place to be for painters today! The art schools here have stellar faculty: Otis College of Art and Design, UCLA, Cal Arts, and Art Center are creating about 100 talented MFA graduates every year. I think it would be great if each school had as many scholarships as possible to accept artists from everywhere and become more affordable. How about Snap Chat, Instagram and Google sponsoring scholarships and residencies all over town? I suggested in a meeting for the future of Santa Monica Airport (who will be transformed in a few years into a new type of Industrial/Art Park) that Silicon Beach could sponsor studio spaces available for grads for two years after graduation to get them started."

Frances Anderton's KCRW DnA explores moments in Otis College of Art and Design history. October 2018.

Otis history tracks with LA’s growth as an art and design capital -- from its founding on Wilshire Boulevard through its transition with artist Billy Al Bengston in the 1950s.

Alum Garth Trinidad (yes, that’s KCRW’s own DJ Garth Trinidad) recalls the struggles in the 1990s and remarks on its blossoming in Westchester today.

Edie Beaucage talks about being part of the new generation that has revived painting in the 2010's.

Annie Seaton, Art and Cake LA, Review "Sequencer-Spectrum-Reverb" October 2016

"Hipsters sporting beards and mustaches inhabit this world on canvas. They sport beanies and pork pie hats. Multiple personality-driven works, such as Local Fluff and Super Bubble are über cool and seem to kick-back with one another, both painting to painting and within their own framed worlds. Like Davis, who painted compositions of his time living in New York during the birth of the Jazz age and incorporated pop symbols, such as spark plug logos from the ‘20s and ‘50s, Beaucage paints from the experiential view of today’s music festivals, such as Coachella, Burning Man and the Electric Daisy Carnival. One half expects Beaucage’s subjects to whip out their iPhones and furiously text one another or snapchat selfies when the gallery goes dark."

Sharon Mizota, LA Times, Review "Chill Bivouac Rhymes" July 2015.

"Edith Beaucage's work has always been bold, but in her latest exhibition at CB1 Gallery, it achieves a new level of confidence and bravura... Beaucage's sun-drenched, acid-hued palette and the assurance with which she renders loose portraits — in broad, fluid strokes as relaxed as her subjects. The lush, Arcadian surroundings get the same treatment. Trees are little more than wavering verticals: a kelp forest in a rainbow of shades. Mountains, lakes and sky are rendered breezily in lemon yellows and cobalt blues, appearing to glow with energy".

John Seed review Chill Bivouac Rhymes in Huffington Post, July 2015:

"Beaucage's canvases, even the large ones, have almost no evidence of editing, scraping or revision. They are what they are: unadulterated marzipan pleasures that unfold in a looseleaf Eden...To prepare for Chill Bivouac Rhymes Beaucage made a maquette of the gallery space — complete with tiny paintings and models — and also generated a sequence of studies on paper. In the back room of CB1 Edith showed me a selection of these works, which have the bold immediacy of unfiltered ideas. They “rhyme” with each other in the sense that they present clusters of themes within a consistent range of feeling, as do the larger works on view."

John David O'Brien review Chill Bivouac Rhymes in Artillery Magazine (Print and Online), September 2015:

"The figures dance about in light delineation embedded in a swirl of audacious swathes of color field painting. “Chill Bivouac Rhymes” is also the lively storyboard for the scenes from an operatic love story. She, Ekaterina, is the exotic young Bolshoi ballerina who, in the course of this tale, jilts her Russian lover after finding an entirely new and irresistible illumination while at a forest rave, and then runs off with her surfer guy until they both disappear into an explosion of light. To accomplish all this, the gallery is turned into a stage set". Artillery Magazine

Tamara Akcay in Beautiful Decay, 2015, Review "Chill Bivouac Rhymes"

"The ‘Chill Bivouac Rhymes’ series is built as a loose leaf narrative. A ballerina, her entourage, her Russian lover, a rave and a specific, yet invented location: Yellow Boa Canyon.

The paintings depict the characters interacting with each other in the fantasy land created by the artist. Edith Beaucage’s strokes are ‘broad, fluid and relaxed’. Translating a world of floating moments and effortless motions. The characters are blended with the landscape. The same tonality of colors and the same brushstrokes are used for each of them. The artist captures a couple kissing, a girl dancing, a men smoking and a teenager sleeping. Never omitting to add-on the wandering, lingering rhythm which ends up altering the mood and spirit of the viewer."

Carren Jao KCET Artbound review "LA Heat". Chinese American Museum, March 2014

Edith Beaucage sought to capture the courage it took to chart one's path as an immigrant in "Dragon Frederick Louis of Rimouski," a lush painting full of bold strokes and melting colors. "I'm not Asian, I'm French-Canadian, but I connected with their story of immigration. I believe that all immigrants have to have a dragon with them to undertake such a big move. They have to be courageous. These two men were that and their story had that underlying American theme of being able to do what you want in a new place."

Features Article, Preview, ArtWeek LA,Chill Bivouac Rhymes 2015

"The viewer will discover the paintings by looking through sculptures and painting installation. Twelve feet tall multicolor trees, an octagon geometric shape and freestanding painted campers are installed on the gallery floor to produce a deep focus space. The inclusion of the three levels of foreground, middle ground and extreme background objects create for the viewer a effect similar to a depth of field composition in cinematography; allowing the viewer to focus on both close and distant planes.

In addition to paintings, Beaucage has created enamel on iron pieces that where fired at 1450° F; fusing glass to metal. Influenced by Limoges enamelings from the mid 1600s, her ravers are incapsulated in a deep glossy tranced out spaces."

Shana Nys Dambrot, Review "Bidibidiba", Whitehot Magazine, 2013

“What I enjoy in a narrative is not directly its content or even its structure, but rather the abrasions I impose upon the fine surface: I read on, I skip, I look up, I dip in again.” Roland Barthes wrote that in Le Plaisir Du Texte, in which he argues for a critical approach to text that explicitly includes taking pleasure as a facet of serious analysis. Language is important to Beaucage, but like Barthes, this can be more for its cadence than its content -- she’s more Jabberwocky than Ozymandias. And while she may be a painter rather than a writer, when it comes to how she constructs the “text” of her compositions, that bit about the pleasure of inflicting harm on a narrative by skipping around within it all willy-nilly, taking it gleefully out of order -- going about it all wrong so to speak -- is very much analogous to how she composes and treats her own he fine surfaces -- those of her canvases. She too does it all wrong, and she does it with zest -- and it’s an absolute pleasure." White Hot Magazine.

John Seed, Huffington Post: Q and A on ".hurluberlu" 2011

"JS: Can you tell me what a "hurluberlu" is?

EB: A hurluberlu is a type of person that is referred to in Quebec as a fellow that is a little crazy; sweet and original in his way of thinking, and in how he dresses himself and behaves.

In each of my paintings you will find a hurluberlu juxtaposed with an abstraction that mimics what happens in a social space. The social space is therefore the unifying factor and is meant to stimulate discourse with the audience, to include the viewer. The meaning that derives from this interaction is voluntarily open.

By conceiving each image in relation to a "hurluberlu" I was able to push the abstractions each one inspired into a new aesthetic territory. The painting's titles are followed by .hur because I refer to the group as part of the domain of the hurlerburlu as opposed to internet domains such as .com or .net."

Sharon Mizota, LA Times Art review: 'The art that dare not speak its name' at CB1 Gallery, 2010

"But none of these artists seems to have as much fun as Edith Beaucage, whose confidently spontaneous figures are breezy, casual and exuberantly expressive. Usually isolated on plain white grounds, Beaucage’s characters — and they are characters, not just figures — emerge from strikingly economical means. “Monster With Blue Eyes” is a Muppet-like figure whose “fur” has been quickly delineated in a fan of broad, blue-green brushstrokes. In the diptych “Hexagon” a brushy sketch of a woman on one canvas calmly looks at another, hexagonally shaped canvas painted in thick concentric stripes. It’s a succinct commentary on viewership that makes us aware of our own position in a network of gazes."


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